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His story began in Ecuador in the cradle of a family of seven brothers, a very humble family, his father abandoned them at an early age and his mother was the one who brought them closer to God to always do things well, with honesty and discipline. Since there were many, his mother was forced to take Will's with some of his brothers to a boarding school in the mountains, called the Tabernacle. There I appreciated many things in life and was a very curious and studious child. While most of the children wanted to be soccer players, he sounded like being someone in life, someone who could inspire their peers who felt lost and sad.


Being an actor was practically impossible since he came from a family so humble that sometimes he could not even afford to sound but still he was displayed on the big screen giving life to characters and that was how he felt fulfilled. He looked at the atlas books and circled the places where he wanted to go and one of them was the United States. He was a very curious child and liked to learn from everything and always asked his teachers to continue learning.

One day he did a play with his classmates at the boarding school and that's when he felt even stronger the desire to be an actor, he looked at his classmates and the teachers as they looked at him with admiration and applauded him ... that was the first contact with acting and I never stop sounding and wanting to achieve his beautiful longing.


Once he left the boarding school he had to work in many places like selling fruits, bread, in construction ... to be able to earn money to help his mother and be able to save a little since some weekends he went to the house of a neighbor who had tv, he paid him some coins and there he watches movies in which Jean Claude Van Damme, Sydney Portier among others appeared and his curiosity grew more and more and more to know how the actors felt when interpreting.


He decided to go to a modeling agency in the city of Quito and there he began to make some TV ads, since they said he was a very handsome boy and he looked great on the screen. Once he made an announcement for a credit card and when they were doing makeup after rehearsals, the machine told him ... You from here to Hollywood and those words were recorded and Will's thought ... why not?


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