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Will's CangaWill’s Canga is a dedicated actor with 30 years of experience in Latin America and Europe. Now he is projecting Will’s Canga is a dedicated actor with 30 years of experience in Latin America and Europe. Now he is projecting his career from Hollywood to China and to an international platform. Raised by a single mother in a poor neighbourhood in Ecuador, the luxury of dreaming is unattainable for many, but his faith which he learned from his biggest hero, his mother, empowered him to overcome the obstacles to follow his inspirations: Marlon Brando and Sydney Poitier. His goal of breaking barriers between cultures has motivated him to impact peoples life by doing his best as an actor. His vision is to impact people in the world with his work, humbleness, dedication and discipline, and to inspire the next generation to strive for excellence and give their best.

In Latino market, his hard work has made him a reputable and respectful Spanish actor with a sophisticated, classy and strong image. Today, Will’s is making his biggest dream come true by working from Hollywood in English, Spanish and Chinese, representing his culture on the highest stage of entertainment that he admires. Based in LA, he has been working for over a year in China which welcomed him with the warmest hearts he could ever ask for. Now he is building his name in China, whose government recognised him with an artistic achievement honorary award. Now Will’s is taking 2019 to a higher level cooperating with the biggest productions between US. and China.
With gratitude,
Will’s Canga.

Will´s Canga HEIGHT: 5´8´´ HAIR: Black WEIGHT: 177 lbs EYES: Brown


Seal Team 2019  -  Co-Star  -  CBS Studios
The lion on the condor 2018  -  Lead -  LaMont Cain
Cream 2018 -  Lead -  LaMont Cain
The admirable Jackson 2018 -  Lead -  LaMont Cain
Happiless 2018 -  Lead -  Tamas Birinyi
Marco 2017 -  Lead -  Ye Kuang
Los ángeles no tienen alas 2015 -  Lead -  Enrique Boh
The song 2015 -  Lead -  Tamas Birinyi
Dada 2015 -  Lead -  Maria Luna
Destiny: New Beginnings 2015 -  Lead -  Cineplex Studios
Dr. Ravis 2013 -  Lead -  Noah Edward
Salsa Room 2013 -  Lead -  Noah Edward
Notes from the Underground 2013 -  Lead -  Geoff Browne
Black November 2012 -  Supporting -  Wells and Jeta Entertainment
Sing for Darfur -  Supporting -  Christel Palace Entertainment
Rottweiler -  Supporting -  Filmax
Searching for love -  Supporting -  Rodar Group

The Journeys 2013 -  Recurring Series -  Cineplex Studios
Ugly Betty -  Recurring Series -  Fremantle Media International
Cosa de risa -  Lead -  Riot Cinema Colletive
Pelotas -  Recurring Series -  El Terrat
Impares -  Recurring Series -  Drive
La familia Mata -  Recurring Series -  Notro Films
El Comisario -  Recurring Series -  Bocaboca Producciones

Huckelberry Finn -  Lead -  Grec Theatre
Fame -  Lead -  Tivoli Theatre
Priscilla Queen Desert -  Lead -  Royal Theatre
Semiramide -  Lead -  Liceo Theatre
Wozzek -  Lead -  Liceo Theatre

Acting classes -  Lesly Kahn -  Lesly Kahn & Company
Master Class -  Aaron Speiser -  Aaron Speiser Acting Studio
Technique -  Susan Rumor -  Aaron Speiser Acting Studio
Contemporary Scene Study -  H. Richard Greene -  Stella Adler Art of Acting Studio
Scene Study -  Michelle Newman -  Star Tek Associates
Voice and Speech -  Kelly Reiter -  Reel English
Shakespearean acting -  Daniella de Vecci -  AICB
Scene Study -  Juan Carlos Coraza -  Estudio Internacional del actor
Stanislavsky technique -  Luis Lopez -  Int. University of Cinema
Improv -  Carlos Dueñas -  Int. Academy Quincedeoctubre
Lee Strasberg The Method -  Boyan Ivic -  C.E.C.C.
Casting Workshop -  (Member of TVI Los Angeles Acting Studio)

-Dual Citizenship: Spanish and Ecuadorian. -Visa: Green Card.
-Languages: English, Spanish, Catalan and Dialects: African, British, all Latin Dialects.
-Sports: Soccer, Running, Motor Cross, Kick Boxing, Billiards, Firearms, Weight training, Box, Zumba
Instructor, Yoga.
-Dance: Profesional salsa, bachata, cumbia, merengue dancer.
-Hobbies: Camping, Fishing, Hiking, Travel, Art, Reading, Movies, Music, Motorcycle, Ride a Horse,